• The Problem, Goal and Solution  

    In contrast to the development-centric approach of all prior generations of computing, much of a developers time is spent connecting together existing systems, building new components (using traditional style development) only where absolutely necessary. This manner of delivering strategic systems has given birth to a computing model based on the standards based integration of disparate technologies.

    Inherited systems present a particularly difficult set of challenges. Online interactive applications are typically built as independent systems using
    proprietary data communications protocols, talking to complex heavily loaded character-based presentation interfaces. The well designed, granular application system is the exception.

    Integration platforms act as the wiring that connect corporate systems, transferring data and transactions between different applications such as a mainframe and a company's Web-based sales software. By using technologies such as Web Services, RESTful services and JMS based messaging, applications can interact with any application on any platform without having to deal with the operating system specific intercommunication details. Once components are exposed via standard interfaces, they can be accessed by any other application that implements those standards.

  • Services and Specializations  

    Our company offers services focused on integration and common integration software packages. Within our alliances are partners who offer software and training to get the most out of your investment.

    Our approach to integration takes advantage of the full spectrum of integration technologies, including Business Process Management, Web Services, and message-oriented middleware.

    Client Engagement Areas

    -Architect in Residence
    -Capabilities Assessment
    -Capability Development
    -Staff Augmentation
    -Specialized Managed Services

    Implementation Services

    -Enterprise Architecture & Design
    -Integration Architecture
    -Infrastructure Architecture
    -Requirements Engineering
    -Solution Development and Delivery
    -Project Management
    -Business Integration & Workflow

    Atazi specialists are experts with the following integration packages and technologies, among many others:

    -IBM WebSphere MQ (formerly MQSeries)
    -IBM WebSphere MQ Advanced
    -IBM Managed File Transfer (MFT, formerly MQ File Transfer Edition)
    -IBM WebSphere DataPower Integration Appliances
    -IBM Integration Bus (formerly WebSphere Message Broker)
    -IBM MQ Workflow
    -IBM WebSphere Advanced Server
    -IBM WebSphere Portal Server
    -IBM WebSphere IHS server
    -OpenText DataIntegrator
    -Sun J2EE - including all aspects of JMS, JCA, JMX, etc.

  • An Integration Services Company  

    Who are we?

    Formed in 2004, Atazi is a team of proven information technology professionals with decades of real-world integration experience. With us you are teamed with a highly specialized group of architects and specialists who understand what matters: Results. Each of our specialists is certified in their area of expertise. There is no guesswork regarding ability to deliver. Enterprise integration requires depth and breadth of experience. We understand that organizations expect to receive quality return on investment with an integration partner. For this reason, Atazi employs only seasoned professionals. No teeth cutting here.

    Atazi is the result of a collaboration of senior information technology professionals. We have together delivered high quality integration architectures for fortune 500 companies and multiple federal government agencies.

    Atazi has no expensive marketing campaigns. Our new business is based strictly on the success of our past customers.

  • A Selection of Organizations Atazi
    Has Provided Services to:  

    Deparment of Education

    United States Department of Education.

    US Navy

    United States Navy.




    Defense Information Systems Agency.


    IBM Global Services.


    United States Department of Labor.

  • Atazi maintains partnerships and alliances
    with talented firms who bring results:  


    General Dynamics Information Technology.




    PPS Infotech.

  • Contact Us With Any Questions  

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    Email: info@atazi.com